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Tune in to True Royalty’s A Tale of Two Sisters

As we are finally to the weekend, True Royalty has a great show for you to watch while relaxing on this Saturday, “A Tale of Two Sisters: Elizabeth II and Margaret.” It focuses on Her Majesty The Queen and her younger sister, the late Princess Margaret who are very different people.

While The Queen had to worry about ruling a country and serving as the head of state for several nations, Princess Margaret’s worries were who she could love and marry without damaging the monarchy.

Find out how they were alike and different in “A Tale of Two Sisters: Elizabeth II and Margaret.”

True Royalty calls it “a captivating exploration of the often complex dynamics between Royal sisters through the ages.”

The documentary premiered this year and is just 44 minutes. It is part of a three-part series with the two other episodes focusing on Elizabeth I and Mary and Anne Boleyn and Mary.

“It has been said that no two sisters were ever less alike. One reserved and proper. The other lively and controversial. One the anchor of a commonwealth of nations. The other searching for purpose in life,” True Royalty explains.

You can find out more about the series here.

True Royalty was launched last year by Gregor Angus (CEO), Nick Bullen, and Edward Mason as the first only subscription video on demand service for all things on the British Royal Family.

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