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Prince of Wales praises Scottish NHS workers for their “remarkable resolve and flexibility”


The Prince of Wales recorded a message for the NHS Scotland to thank all the staff who have been going above and beyond over the last year “to deliver vital care to the people of Scotland under such incredibly difficult circumstances.”

In a video message shared to the Royal Family YouTube page, Prince Charles said:

“Despite what must seem to be often overwhelming challenges, and in many cases, despite the most harrowing personal circumstances, you have continued to show outstanding commitment, dedication and compassion in keeping the country safe and providing care where it is most needed.

“Your remarkable resolve and flexibility, as you have so unexpectedly had to take on new roles and adapt to new ways of work across our health and social care system have been immensely impressive. As has the fact that you have proved to be so unfailingly resourceful when faced with an ever-changing threat.”

Speaking of the service of all NHS workers this past year, Prince Charles said:

“This year has brought home to all of us, as never before, just how much we rely on your skills, your devotion to duty, and, in many cases, your sacrifice. I can only offer my deepest sympathy, therefore, to all those who have so tragically lost loved ones during this most challenging 0f times.

“We really do owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude for your perpetual efforts on our behalf. For your selfless devotion and the vital human kindness you have shown in such unwavering commitment to providing the very best patient care to everyone.

“There are so many moving accounts of people going that extra mile to help, and I’ve heard and seen countless inspiring stories of how you have provided the most outstanding service to patients, to families and carers, while, at the same time, having to worry about your own families.”

Looking toward the future, and with the vaccination program well underway in the United Kingdom, Prince Charles added that the vaccines now give us our best “hope for a return to a more normal life,” and said that he wanted to “express my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who is working so hard to ensure that the vaccines are developed, distributed, and delivered, and that they’re taken up as widely as possible.”

He finished the video by saying, “The whole NHS team has, I’m sure, earned the abiding gratitude of the people of Scotland. Although, hopelessly inadequate under such unprecedented circumstances, I would just like to add my own special thanks to each and every one of you for your unforgettable service. We shall never forget those who have done so much to help their communities in their hour of greatest need.”

The Prince of Wales’s message can be viewed in full here.

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