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Will Meghan Markle change the public’s access to the Royal Family?

All bets are on that Prince Harry will tie the knot, or at least pop the question, to his girlfriend, Meghan Markle in 2017. Yet, she is a most unconventional addition to the British Royal Family.

Currently, Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace run Twitter accounts on behalf of the Senior members of the family and only tweet out pictures and information from official events. Many have suggested that to keep current and in popularity with today’s youth, they should bring some more light to what goes on behind closed doors such as other European royalty.

Queen Rania of Jordan is a pro at this, she runs she own Twitter and is very active.  Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan follows in her footsteps. Princess Tessy of Luxembourg and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway both use Instagram with Mette-Marit a fan of Twitter, too.  Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau is frequently on Twitter, and Princess Madeleine is often on Facebook sharing pictures of her life in London and pictures of her children.

It would be unheard of to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posting an impromptu picture of Prince George and Princess Charlotte on Instagram.

Miss Markle is different, though. A US actress who runs her own lifestyle blog, The Tig. She has had to build a following of fans to raise her public appearance and ‘brand’ to casting directors. She knows all eyes are on her and carefully teases her fans with pictures and insight into her relationship with Prince Harry.

Before the relationship was confirmed, Miss Markle sent out a picture of two bananas spooning with the caption “Sleep tight xx” and right before Prince Harry returned from his Caribbean tour, a picture of her dog in a Union Jack sweater.

The Tig has also taunted the public. After news broke of Prince Harry and Meghan’s trip to Norway to see the Northern Lights, the blog posted a picture on Instagram of a snow covered cabin. The picture was neither taken by one of the two or in Norway (California to be exact), but it still sent users buzzing.

So the question comes, will Miss Markle continue her somewhat cheeky posts about her life once (or if) she marries Harry? International royals who have taken to social media all follow in the realms of keeping their posts classy, something Miss Markle has shown she has no problem with. Rising above the criticism of the press and tweeting out inspirational quotes about self-love.

I doubt we will see the Duchess of Cambridge following suit, but I can see Miss Markle keeping up with her glimpses into royal life.

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