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Being royal is the hardest job around

Royal Central’s Deputy Editor, Jamie Samhan, gives her opinion on why it would difficult to be royal. 

Remember when you were growing up and you wanted to be a dolphin trainer, or a lawyer, or a police officer, or an astronaut? Now imagine not having that choice, not being able to decide where you wanted your life to head. That merely sums up as the life of a member of the Royal Family.

I am in no way saying that being royal doesn’t have its perks, but having a lifelong job better have its good side or no one would do it. Members of the Royal Family are born into the role of supporting the Sovereign unless they are one of the few heirs that will reign one day. From a young age (around the time most of us are more worried about who has a crush on us), they must make a choice to devote their lives to the monarchy or give it all up to find a path of their own. It is said that the average person changes careers seven times as an adult. Being a member of the Royal Family does not afford that option.

Yes, it can be debated that they could leave at any time, but it would not be without a huge controversy. The very thing the Royal Family tries to stay away from.

So say you are stuck in this position for life, what now? You are destined to constant criticism from everyone around you. From your looks, to what dress you wore, to what charities you support and when you do. You are never truly alone, with protection officers or your staff lurking around at all times. A team hurries you from one event to the next where you smile, say a few words and on you go. The Duke of Edinburgh put it best; you are an “experienced plaque unveiler.”

The monarchy is a prestigious, historical institution and never before has there been this many channels for people to judge them making it even more difficult.

Before I get bashed in the comments for stating this opinion, I whole-heartedly know that jobs like our veterans and first responders have seen terrors we can’t start to imagine. I know I for one would not have the strength to do it.  But being a member of the Royal Family, going out day after day facing the inevitable critic no matter what you do until your last breath has to be pretty darn tough.

Maybe there is another reason the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are so passionate about mental health. Hearing negative comments on repeat can take its toll. It takes a strong demeanour to let it roll off like water off a duck’s back.