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Ninety Years of Grace: the story of a princess


She was the ultimate fairytale princess whose royal story fascinated the world and nine decades on, she continues to captivate. Grace of Monaco, film star turned consort, became a 20th century icon. And her tale began nine decades ago this month.

Grace Patricia Kelly was born on November 12th 1929 in Philadelphia and set her heart on a career as an actress early on. She quickly found success, winning an Oscar. And it was while she was promoting her movie career that she met the ruler of the tiny principality of Monaco. Her marriage to Prince Rainier III was a global event and they became, for a time, the most famous couple in the world.

Grace’s life as a princess saw her champion causes close to her heart while raising the family she had with Rainier. She remained a constant source of fascination, her every move documented and followed. Her tragic death, following a car accident in 1982,

To mark this special anniversary, Royal Central will bring you a series of articles throughout November. From Grace’s early life, her move into royalty, the romantic wedding that captivated the world and the good causes that she supported to her famous acting roles and her family life, every aspect of the princess’ story will be covered.

We’ll also bring you the stories of Monaco’s other consorts and we’ll look ahead, to see how Grace’s influence had shaped the royal family she made her own.

Join us on Royal Central throughout November as we mark ‘Ninety Years of Grace’.

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