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‘A Right Royal Toast’ – The Royal Family’s Favourite Drinks

As the new year is approaching why not to salute it with one of the drinks favoured by members of the Royal Family instead of the usual champers?

Royals are often seen sipping from glasses of champagne (Pol Roger or Moet & Chandon, both holders of a Royal warrant) or other fine wines in official occasions such as luncheons and state dinners but which are their truly favourite cocktails and drinks?

The Queen’s preferred tipple is a mixture called “Gin and Dubonnet”, a treat she has almost daily after her long and intense working hours on documents and paperworks; Dubonnet is a sweet wine-based aperitif.
Prepare your gin and Dubonnet HM style mixing 1 part of gin and 2 parts of Dubonnet, add two ice cubes and a slice of lemon.

Prince Philip, a hearty man, prefers Boddington Beer, a Mancunian brand who ceased production earlier this year. He has also got a taste for wine and it’s rumored that he would write on the bottle label ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’ to express his appreciation.

kate william cheers

The Prince of Wales is definitely a whiskey connoisseur: not only he produces his own, called Barrogill (carefully prepared by Inver House Distillers) but he also likes Laphroaigh Single Malt. As for cocktails he would chose a 50:50 Martini: prepare your own by mixing equal amounts of gin and dry vermouth.

The Duchess of Cornwall favours a very traditional English cocktail, gin and tonic.
Prepare yours following one of the suggested ratios of gin-to-tonic 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 or 2:3 as per desired strenght; don’t forget to add ice and a wedge of lemon.
To stick with the royal theme choose a brand of gin holder of a royal warrant such as Gordon’s or Tanqueray!
Also the Earl and the Countess of Wessex are believed to like gin and tonic.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in their carefree clubbing days enjoyed luxury concotions with extravagant names: “Treasure Chest” (brandy and peach liqueur topped with a bottle of champagne and served in a wooden chest) and “Crack Baby” (passion fruit juice, vodka and raspberry liqueur again topped off with champagne). Now, while the Duke may still enjoy the odd pint (Stella or Guinness), the healthy Duchess prefers to stick to water and soft drinks.

The tee-total choice is also shared by Princess Anne and the Duke of York

Prince Harry, with his reputation of lively partygoer and “life of the party” is said to have a prefernce for premium vodka Cîroc Ultra (made from grape) and for vodka redbull.

So, in the style of which royal are you going to toast the new year??

Whatever your choice, from me and from everybody else at Royal Central, best wishes for a sparkling 2013!!

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