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Diamonds galore and bright red nails: this week’s other royal news

This week’s Royal Central podcast is all about the stories you didn’t get a chance to hear while everyone, and I do mean everyone, was concentrating on the decision of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step back as senior royals.

From a royal who always seemed to be overshadowed to a ruler who can wear jewels like no other, we’ve got all the stories from across Europe. There’s good news, sad news and plenty of sparkle in between. Join Moniek Bloks, Brittani Barger and Lydia Starbuck for a diamond studded edition of the Royal Central podcast.

About author

Lydia is a writer, blogger and journalist. She's worked in the media for over twenty years as a broadcast reporter, producer and editor as well as feature and online writer. As well as royals and royal history, she's a news junkie and podcaster.