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BREAKING: Snap general election to take place in December following agreement of all major party leaders

A general election is now almost certain to take place in December after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn formally gave the idea his backing.

Her Majesty The Queen will be watching events carefully, with MPs due to set a date for the election this evening.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pushed for an early election three times in the past few weeks, however, those plans failed after the opposition parties refused to back a vote.

Jeremy Corbyn said he would only vote for an early general election once it was clear that a no-deal Brexit could not occur on October 31st.

The European Union has delayed the UK’s departure from the political institution until January 31 meaning there is now time for a snap general election.

Voters will likely go to the polls during the week commencing 9th December, with the government’s preferred date being December 12.

However, opposition parties are pushing for the election to be held as soon as possible to ensure students are still in their university cities when they cast their ballots.

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