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A right royal welcome for the first day of Spring

Karen Roe via Flickr CC

The Royal Family has put the focus on supporting those affected by the corona virus outbreak as well as those helping overcome it in recent days. However, as spring sprang, some of the homes associated with the Windsors have been sharing images of the new season bursting into life.

Sandringham in Norfolk, where the Queen was staying until just a few weeks ago, has added some bright images of the daffodils now peppering its gardens to its social media. Although it’s had to remind people that the estate won’t start its usual tourist season in April, would be visitors can enjoy its scenery through the images of the grounds waking up to spring.

Meanwhile, the gardens at Highgrove are pretty in pink for the first day of spring. The Gloucestershire home of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall is filled with blossom and blooms and their pastel hues are decorating its social media as the new season gets under way.

Meanwhile, at Dumfries House in Ayrshire, restored to its glory days by the Prince of Wales, there’s a focus on the buds that will blossom forth as spring continues.

In these strange days, it is somewhat surreal to remember that life is bursting out all around us. But these vibrant images of nature’s new start are a reminder that the future always brings hope.

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