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Tsar Simeon of Bulgaria publishes new book

His Majesty Tsar Simeon of Bulgaria has this week published his latest book. The book is called “One Purpose, Bulgaria” and was released in a ceremony held at Vrana Palace in Bulgaria.

“In the last 73 years, I have worked and devoted myself solely to the Bulgarian cause”, said His Majesty in an interview with the national press. Before thanking his supporters for the release of his book.

The Tsar’s book includes most of his texts and political thoughts, written and made between 2010 and today.

Tsar Simeon II had gathered more than 200 of his supporters, including former MP’s and ministers of his previous government and party. Also in Bulgaria, as in Romania and Serbia, there are powerful movements working in favour of the monarchy. Also, several Bulgarian political voices ask for the Tsars return to politics.

This is what the new book of the Tsar looks like. Photo: The Royal Bulgarian Court.

“I suffer from the many attacks that are still made to me. And I cannot bear it”, said His Majesty during the book-release. He was referring to the ongoing conflict with the government who are claiming back the property who has housed the Bulgarian royal family since they could return from exile.

It was known in late August this year that a Bulgarian court demanded the Tsar to return the palace he owns that was taken from his family during the communist takeover in Bulgaria in 1946. The disagreement concerns Vrana Palace, the former royal palace, located on the outskirts of Sofia. It is today the official residence of Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria and his wife, Tsaritsa Margarita.

Vrana Palace. Photo: Noncho Iliev via Wikimedia Commons.

The possible reestablishment of a Bulgarian monarchy was flourished following national media revealed that a “secret” meeting had taken place between the King and former diplomats, ministers, deputies and senators. The meeting was held to figure a way to help Tsar Simeon keep his family palace. This has started speculation around that the former Tsar and Prime Minister may return to politics at the age of 81.

Simeon II of Bulgaria is the last reigning Bulgarian monarch and later served as Prime Minister of Bulgaria from 2001 to 2005. His Majesty Simeon II, Tsar of Bulgaria, was monarch from 1943 to 1946. He is one of the two last living Heads of State from the time of World War II.

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