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The necklace that became one of the most popular tiaras of a glittering royal family

Crown Princess Victoria has chosen one of the most famous tiaras in her royal family’s collection for this year’s Nobel ceremonies.

The heir to the throne of Sweden wore an amethyst diadem that has become popular with her dynasty and which has a romantic history all of its own.

Initially an amethyst necklace until Queen Silvia had a chance to fix it up, the Queen Josephine Amethyst Tiara dates back to Empress Josephine. From Empress Josephine, the necklace made its way through Bavaria to Sweden, when the future Queen Josephine of Sweden married her prince (later king) Oscar in 1823.

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Queen Silvia had the necklace converted into a tiara after her marriage in 1976, calling it an uncomfortably heavy piece to wear. She had the necklace set upon a base—though it’s still convertible and can be worn as a necklace—and it has mainly been worn as a tiara ever since.

Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, Princess Margretha and Princess Désirée have all worn the Queen Josephine Amethyst Tiara, making it one of the most popular within the Swedish Royal Family’s collection.

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