Swedish royals attend State Opening of Parliament

On Tuesday, large parts of the Swedish Royal Family attended the State Opening of Parliament in Stockholm. This falls only a few weeks after a dramatic election. On Monday, the parliament chose a new chairman and on Tuesday they voted to resign the prime minister and begin the process to give Sweden a new government.

Nevertheless, before the process of negations can begin the Royal Family needed to attend the formal opening of this year’s discussion in the parliament. All adult members of the family attended the opening, besides Princess Madeleine and Chris O’Neill who now live in Florida.

His Majesty The King speaks to Parliament, here in 2016. Photo: Politik via Wikimedia Commons.

Just past noon the King, Queen, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia were in place at the traditional church service in the Stockholm Cathedral. The ceremony was led by Priest Hans Ulfvebrand and the Cathedral Captain Kristina Ljunggren. Music in the church was performed by St. Jacob’s chamber choir under the leadership of Gary Graden. Music was also played by the cathedral organist Mattias Wager and the Marine Music choir under the direction of Alexander Hanson. The worship ended with the congregation singing Psalm 5, “Now thank God, all people”.

After that, the day’s programme continued in parliament where the Royal Family was received by newly elected President Andreas Norlén. The King who opened the parliament held a memorable speech. His Majesty said: “The interests of the country are in your hands. I wish you power, courage and wisdom in your important work.”

The Parliament in Stockholm. Photo: Larske via Wikimedia Commons.

The King also paid his respect to his family history. His Majesty said: “In 1810 this parliament elected Jean Baptiste Bernadotte as Crown Prince. Only one year before, Sweden had gotten a new form of government, based on the principle of distribution of power. It was in this new Sweden that my ancestor, in 1818 – two hundred years ago – overtook the throne as King Karl XIV Johan.”

Next week, the Norwegian King will perform the opening of the parliament in Oslo.

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