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Princess Madeleine’s American husband calls Trump “shameful”

Princess Madeleine of Sweden’s American-British husband, Chris O’Neill, has slammed President Donald Trump on social media calling him “shameful.” He made the remarks on his personal Instagram account, which was then shared by a friend, Giancarlo Giammetti for the world to see. It was then immediately picked up by Swedish media. Giancarlo Giammetti is the former honorary president of Valentino.

In his Instagram post, O’Neill said, “On behalf of all sane Americans, I am very sorry for the actions of our shameful president. It is a sad day to be a US citizen.

“Mr President, you are a painfully ignorant human being. You will be the sole cause of the violence and hatred you suggest you are protecting us from. You have neither sense nor sensibility, Sir. #reaganyouain’t.”

It appears his comment on social media was in reference to the executive order signed by Trump on Friday banning people from seven predominately Muslim countries from entering the United States for 90 days. The countries banned are Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, and Syria. The order, which has caused an uproar across the US and the world, also includes a ban of refugees for 120 days but bans Syrian refugees for the foreseeable future.

A representative for the Royal Court, Johan Tegel, told The Local that Chris spoke as “a private person.” He then said, “Christopher O’Neill has declined a royal title, which means the Royal Court has no reason to comment on his Instagram post.”

It seems Chris is not upset that his post went viral. After Giammetti shared his post, O’Neill commented with a heart underneath Giammetti’s caption, “Well said, [Chris].” Many have expressed their support for Chris’s words on Giammetti’s Instagram, as well, with over 2,000 likes.

This isn’t the first time that Chris has spoken out regarding political issues. He made his feelings known about Brexit last July to Expressen, “Considering my work, you probably get what I think of Brexit. Of course, Britain should not leave.”

Madeleine met her future husband in New York City when she moved to the United States after her engagement to Jonas Bergström ended after his infidelity. They married in June 2013 and lived in New York until February 2015. Their first child, Princess Leonore was born in the US in 2014, and their second child, Prince Nicolas was born in Stockholm in 2015.

Chris declined a royal title so he could continue working in finance before their 2013 wedding. He has retained his dual American-British citizenship.

Chris, Madeleine and their family currently live in London.

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