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Princess Estelle takes up new hobby

Princess Estelle of Sweden has begun an acting course at Calle Flygare theatre school in Vasatan, Stockholm. Accompanied by her father, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle was said to look expectant and happy as she undertook her first lesson this past week, according to Swedish news sources.

Calle Flygare offers a number of theatre courses for all ages and experience levels and has seen many former alumni go on to careers in the arts. Teachers include Mikael Perlitz, a well-known Swedish television actor.

As the future queen of Sweden, an acting course will be a valuable asset in perfecting the arts of articulation and public speaking. Princess Estelle will likely undertake exercises in breathing, projecting and engaging audiences in a vast number of possible situations. The course is also known for helping pupils overcome public speaking fears and shyness by allowing participants to get ample experience speaking and acting in front of an audience.

Princess Estelle’s mother, Crown Princess Victoria, was assisted in perfecting the art of public speaking and public comportment by Margaretha Krook, one of the most important and well-known Swedish actors of the 20th century. Krook’s work with Victoria is said to be why the Crown Princess is now so adept at public speaking and the art of rhetoric.

Like Princess Estelle, many of Europe’s royal figures have shown an interest in the arts. Princess Märtha Louise of Norway is known for the children’s books which she writes, illustrates and performs live for audiences. Countess Alexandra of Denmark – Prince Joachim’s first wife – is an adept singer who took to the stage for the first time this month to perform a single done in collaboration with the Swedish charity organisation Star For Life, in front of an audience of more than 1,200. Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark pursued her love of drama as a theatre major at Brown University in the US and now lives in Los Angeles.

Princess Estelle has already won over the Swedish people and is now being heralded as a ‘star on the rise’ with her new performing adventure.