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Princess Estelle attends first day of school

Princess Estelle of Sweden was accompanied by her parents, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on her first day of school today. The six-year-old Estelle starts preschool today at an exclusive school, Campus Manilla in central Stockholm.

In the morning sun, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel walked hand-in-hand with their daughter Princess Estelle to the Djurgårdsbrunnsbron. Princess Estelle was all smiles as she greeted people on the way, and eventually the press, who had gathered there to see her register for her first day of school.

The Princess with her classmates. Photo: Raphael Stecksén /

It is the school’s tradition that all the children who are to attend preschool, gather with their parents at the Djurgårdsbrunnsbron on their first day of school. Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle joined the other parents and pupils who had already gathered. The Crown Princess Couple took the time to chat with the other parents while Estelle seemed to be enthusiastically talking with her classmates. Also Crown Princess Victoria’s cousin, Victor Magnuson was there as his child will also be starting preschool at Campus Manilla today, as well.

Then, Princess Estelle and her new classmates danced the famous “flossa-dance” before entering a little train that will bring the children to the school. As a true professional, Princess Estelle waved to the media from her place on the train. Proud mom Crown Princess Victoria was seen taking pictures of her daughter.

The parents are invited to walk to the school. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel walked hand-in-hand.

Princess Estelle will be attending Campus Manilla, as the first member of the Royal Family ever. The private Campus Manilla was founded in 2013 and is very exclusive in that almost every child comes from a millionaire family. Princess Estelle will not have a lot of trouble finding new friends there as many of the Royal Family’s close friends have also chosen Campus Manilla as the school for their children.

Photo: Raphael Stecksén /

The school is located at Djurgården, central Stockholm and not so far from the Royal Palace. The school takes on children from six-years-old until high school. Manilla Campus has its own chef and has dance as an obligatory subject in the children’s schedules.

The school was in a media storm earlier this year when it was discovered that the school uses a special way to make sure that children of millionaire families have a seat and can skip the waiting list.

Princess Estelle has taken one of the 48 seats with still a waiting list of over 5000 children. Other children attending the school are the child of Swedish House Maffia’s Steve Angello and the child of Amanda Schulman, a famous Swedish media person.

Princess Estelle will always be accompanied by bodyguards, and the ride back and forth from home (Haga Palace) to her new school will be secured by the Säpo or National Security.

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