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Prince Daniel visits Bäckahagens school

Yesterday, Prince Daniel of Sweden visited Bäckahagens school in Bandhagen, Sweden, for the purpose of getting children up and moving with his and Crown Princess Victoria’s Gen Pep organisation.

The Prince chose to visit this school as it is part of the pilot programme of Gen Pep. The Royal Court explained that Bäckahagens school is “actively working to increase the movement and sport for the students at the school. The school works on the basis of the ‘Brain / Movement’ concept, which includes motion breaks, brain breaks and organised breaks.” As a result, the students have improved in all of their subjects with their motor and swimming skills also improving.

Prince Daniel gets to moving with students from grade 2. Photo:

His Royal Highness saw the leaders and students at the school taking part in different exercises which included gymnastics and dance – the latter of which he also took part. He also saw students from grade 9 go through their selections of choosing healthy foods.

Gen Pep’s school programme, which Bäckahagens school is part of, is titled as Pep School. The Royal Court explained Gen Pep as follows, “Generation Pep offers support for schools that want to introduce more physical activity and healthy eating habits during the school day. With Pep School, teachers, leisure teachers, school nurses and other school staff can help evaluate the current situation and plan and follow up their work for a healthier school.”

The Prince watches as children partake in activities on the playground. Photo:

Alongside elementary schools, researchers from GIH, Karolinska Institute and the University of Gothenburg, Gen Pep has launched a website dedicated to introducing more physical activity in schools and children. The site provides inspiration and information to encourage movement and a healthy lifestyle. Gen Pep was launched in July 2016.

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