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Prince Daniel participates in digital inauguration of sculpture exhibition

Photo: Prinsessan Estelles kulturstiftelse

Prince Daniel of Sweden has inaugurated the sculpture exhibition “Alice Aycock at Kungliga Djurgården” through a digital opening ceremony. It is the first art exhibition to be organised by the newly founded Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation, named after Prince Daniel and Crown Princess Victoria’s daughter, Princess Estelle.

Prince Daniel took part in a digital opening ceremony of the new art exhibition at the Royal Djurgården park in central Stockholm. This year, six sculptures of the Turbulence series by Alice Aycock will be displayed around the park. The New York-based artist was inspired by wild storms and uncontrollable tornados as she attempted to visualise water and wind energy. As part of the inauguration, Prince Daniel was filmed standing in the Royal Djurgården park. In the pre-recorded video, the Prince talked about the importance of initiatives like these as he said:

“The interaction with art opens our minds and shapes new thoughts. It gives us new insights and new knowledge. It is a cornerstone of an open society. And on a personal level, it can help us understand what is difficult to put into words.
Therefore, it feels incredibly meaningful to make art accessible to more people, and to do it outdoors in a beautiful and well-visited place like Kungliga Djurgården.”

Prince Daniel is pictured next to Alice Aycock and the Board members of the Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation. Photo: Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation

It is the fourth time that sculptures have been placed at Royal Djurgården, which is a public park. People will be able to visit the park and see the sculptures free from charge from the 7th of June until the 27th of September. The idea of sculpture exhibitions at the Royal Djurgården park was an original initiative of Prince Daniel. It is, however, the first time that the display is organised by Princess Estelle’s Cultural Foundation, a newly founded organisation named after Prince Daniel’s daughter.

The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation was founded in the autumn of 2019 on the initiative of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. Its purpose is to promote cultural activities in Sweden. The Crown Princess Couple believes that cultural activities are essential to an open, modern society. With the sculpture project at Royal Djurgården, the foundation wants to make contemporary art available, since it has been found that experiencing art can be beneficial to the individual and society at large.

The full digital inauguration can be watched below:

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