Man arrested for the theft of Swedish royal regalia pleads not guilty

Swedish police confirmed Thursday that they arrested one man on Wednesday for the theft of the stolen Swedish royal regalia. On Friday afternoon, the detention hearing was held, more than six weeks after the regalia were taken from Strängnäs Cathedral. During the hearing, the police also published more information about the incident.

The police have confirmed that they believe he was the leader of the gang who committed the theft. He is around 20-years-old and from the municipality in Stockholm, the Swedish capital.

During the hearing, the man declared himself innocent and claimed he had nothing to do with theft. The police now have a deadline of 28 September to work with the evidence and build a case. During this period, the man will stay in prison.

The police want tips about this boat, which they believe was used during the escape from the cathedral. Photo: The Swedish police / Polisen.

The police released more information about the theft. The police have provided evidence that concludes that following the robbery, the thieves fled from the place on woman-bikes which were parked near the church. Witnesses say that at least two people were involved, but this is not confirmed by the police. However, the police are sure that the theft was carried out by more than two people.

After a short bike ride, the thieves dumped the bicycles in Bo Setterlinds Park before they used a boat to travel further away. The police have published photos of both the vessel and the bikes; they want the public to contact them if they think they could have any information pertinent to the case.

The police want tips on this bike, which they believe was used during the escape from the cathedral. Photo: The Swedish police / Polisen.

The police say that they hope that someone will recognise the vehicles, either from the actual theft or from a previous occasion in the area.

“We believe that the thieves must have visited Strängnäs earlier and that they may also have travelled by boat before and be recognised in the area. Therefore, we are very interested in this boat and the bikes”, said prosecutor Reena Devgun, on the national unit against international and organised crime to Swedish press on Friday.

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