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Malin Akerman talks about her friend Princess Madeleine and the World Childhood Foundation

Swedish-born actress Malin Akerman has spoken publicly about her close relationship with Princess Madeleine and the Swedish Royal Family saying, “They are so down-to-earth. They are such a lovely family.”

The comments came during the World Childhood Foundation USA Thank You Gala in New York this week, where Akerman was in attendance to support her good friend Princess Madeleine and Queen Silvia. Akerman said Princess Madeleine is “absolutely lovely and is just, I hate to say a regular girl, but she’s a regular girl, who is wonderful and a little bit more poised than most of us. But she’s great. A really cool girl.”

Akerman is originally from Stockholm and credits her “Swedish connection” for her initial involvement with Queen Silvia’s World Childhood Foundation, which focuses on the prevention of abuse and exploitation of children. She said: “It’s just such a wonderful organisation that I’ve heard of over the years and so, of course, this was a perfect match to come and support the Queen and her beautiful organisation.”

The aim of the foundation has struck a personal chord with Akerman, who has a four-year-old son, Sebastian Zincone. “After having a child you just see the innocence and …how little they need actually to survive, but how much they need in the form of love and people caring for them and mentorship. So it definitely is in my face everyday.”

Akerman added that: “Children have always been a big part of who I am and what I care for. When I was younger, I was studying at university to become a child psychologist. All about reforming the schools.” One day my dream is to have my own school, my own charter school, that hopefully in time for my son to go to.”

Princess Madeleine is currently expecting her third child with her American husband, Chris O’Neill.