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King Carl XVI Gustaf does not want to celebrate his history breaking record

On the 26 April, King Carl XVI Gustaf will become the longest reigning monarch ever in Sweden. This historical record will not be celebrated in Sweden in accordance with the King’s wishes.

On the 15 September 1973, King Carl XVI Gustaf’s grandfather King Gustav VI Adolf passed away. As the current King’s father Prince Gustaf Adolf died only a year after Carl Gustav’s birth, Crown Prince Carl Gustaf became King. Four days later the King took the required regal assurance during a special cabinet meeting. Kings of Sweden are not crowned as for example Queen Elizabeth II.

King Carl XVI Gustaf greets the public after officially becoming King. (Photo:

On the 26 April, King Carl XVI Gustaf will be on the throne for 44 years and 223 days. At the moment the longest reigning monarch of Sweden is King Magnus Erikkson who was the King of Sweden in the 1300s. It was difficult to calculate the exact length of the reign as it was not very well documented in the 1300s. However, the national archives have made calculations and are quite sure that King Magnus Eriksson has reigned for 44 years and 222 days. King Magnus Eriksson became King at the age of three and a guardian reigned in his place until he became 15-years-old. King Magnus Eriksson was also King of Norway from 1319 until 1343.

However, King Carl XVI Gustaf will not celebrate this record. The Royal Court’s spokeswoman Margaretha Thorgren told the Swedish newspaper Expressen: “The King will be working as usual.”

King Carl XVI Gustaf has absolutely no intentions to abdicate anytime soon. No Bernadotte King as ever abdicated, and King Carl XVI Gustaf is determined to remain on the throne until his death. He spoke about this in the past, saying: “I still think I have things to contribute to my citizens – thus, I will continue to work for the Swedes. Bernadottes tend not to abdicate.”

Thus, Crown Princess Victoria will be able to enjoy some time with her two young children before taking on the task of becoming Queen of Sweden.

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