King Carl XVI Gustaf attended seminar on Swedish war preparedness

His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden has attended a seminar on Swedish security politics today. The seminar is organised by the organisation “People and Defence” and are regarded as Sweden’s most important forum for discussions on security politics, defence and Swedish war preparedness. The seminar started on Sunday and lasts until tomorrow, but the King was present only for one day. The seminar is being conducted in the Swedish city of Sälen.

There are about 350 participants in the seminar and during the three days of the seminar will hear between 50 and 60 speeches. These speeches should either be informative about the current situation of the Swedish Armed Forces or a debate. This year’s focus is the world’s global security, the Swedish Armed Forces, human security and war readiness.

It is not just military participating in the seminar. In addition, politicians, civil organisations, professional organisations, the Swedish business community and representatives of several youth organisations were present along with the King at the seminar.

King Carl XVI Gustaf waving to the people in his military uniform. The picture is from the baptism of Prince Oscar in 2016. Photo: Bengt Nyman via Wikimedia Commons.

King Carl XVI Gustaf heard a series of lectures during his visit, including how Sweden can increase its preparations for war and a lecture on how the civil defense could do better. Including a speech by the Chief General of the Swedish Defence. Tonight, the King will attend a dinner organised by the seminar and organisation “People and Defence”.

See the King’s arrival at the seminar in the bottom of this article.

King Carl XVI Gustaf has a special role in the Swedish defence. As most regents worldwide he is the nation’s top military commander. The King completed his military service for Sweden in 1968 when he graduated as a naval officer in the Royal Swedish Navy. Afterwards, he took chief courses and became a Lieutenant in the Svea bodyguards, Navy, Air Force and the Jemtland regiment. After the King became king when his grandfather died, he achieved the rank of Captain for both the Swedish fleet, army and air force through military education. He was automatically General and Admiral when he became King.

The Swedish Royal Family has a long tradition of attending this seminar. On several occasions, King Carl XVI Gustaf has even given a speech. In 2015, his son, Prince Carl Philip attended. Prince Carl Philip also has a Swedish military education, and since 2015 has a been Major in the Swedish Navy and was trained at the Amphibious Battalion at Vaxholm Coastal Artillery Regiment as a combat boat commander.

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