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Crown Princess Victoria re-establishes new amphibious regiment

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
Kungl. Hovstaterna

Due to an increased level of uncertainty regarding Russia, Sweden has decided to upgrade its military, and Crown Princess Victoria visited the Gothenburg garrison to attend the re-establishment of Älvsborg’s amphibious regiment.

In the coming months, the Swedish Armed Forces will establish new regiments and a new air flotilla. Last week, King Carl XVI Gustaf re-established Norrland’s dragon regiment in Arvidsjaur.

Upon arrival at the Gothenburg garrison on 1 October, the Crown Princess was greeted by Älvsborg’s amphibious regiment’s commander, Colonel Fredrik Herlitz, who told about the operation. Afterwards, the Crown Princess was given a tour of the regimental area and the opportunity to talk to officers and soldiers from the hospital company. After the ceremony, Victoria was given a demonstration of equipment.

Her Royal Highness later gave a speech in which she said: “As Duchess of Västergötland, it is, of course, extra special to attend this re-establishment of a unit on the west coast. Defending the west coast has always been of great importance to our country, from Älvsborg’s fortress in the 14th century until today. This applies not least to ports for our imports and exports. The supply of another regiment with a new amphibious battalion will greatly increase our ability to protect them if necessary.”

The Crown Princess continued: “The re-establishment of the unit takes place on classic ground. Already today, the Armed Forces have operations here in the form of the Defence Medicine Centre. Now the importance of this area, and the maritime importance of this part of the country, is further emphasised. The amphibious regiment will also contribute to the continued positive development of Västra Götaland and the municipality of Gothenburg. I hereby declare, on behalf of His Majesty the King, the inauguration of Älvsborg’s amphibious regiment.”

In connection with the defence decision in 2004, the amphibious regiment was disbanded and the operations at the garrison consisted of the Defence Medicine Centre, the 17th patrol boat company, the 132nd security company and the 5th amphibious battalion. On Friday, the flag was hoisted over Älvsborg’s amphibious regiment, which is once again its own unit.

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