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Crown Princess Victoria opens up about her battle with an eating disorder when she was younger

In part one of a two-part programme “Crown Princess Victoria, 40 years” on Sweden’s TV4 ahead of her 40th birthday in July, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has opened up about her battle with an eating disorder when she was younger.

The Crown Princess explained that as she began to support her parents in their work after she became of age, she started to put more and harder demands on herself. Once her disease had progressed so far, she knew she had to get help, and so, she travelled to the United States.

She explained, “In the US, I got professional help, which was really important for me. Just learning to put words to feelings and thus, be able to set limits and to not push myself too much, which I found easy. I wanted all the time so much more than I could do, or could be.”

The Crown Princess admitted that she still sets high standards for herself, “The downside is that you will never be completely satisfied. But it’s not entirely negative, of course, for this also applies to want to evolve and do my best. And that is what drives me to help Sweden.”

The Crown Princess Family of Sweden: Prince Daniel, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar. Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström/Royal Court, Sweden

In the interview, she also spoke of her five-year-old daughter, Princess Estelle’s personality and how she is like her.

Victoria stated, “She is very courageous and social, and it is an asset in life and perhaps especially in the role she has. She is very curious about people.”

Her Royal Highness added that Estelle, a future Queen of Sweden, gets it from her but also from her father, Prince Daniel, “I have a lively and sociable man, so I think she got it from both of us.”

Part one of the programme, in Swedish, can be watched on TV4’s website.

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