Crown Princess Victoria brought to tears at memorial one year after Stockholm terror attack

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden was brought to tears during the memorial concert today in memory of those lost in the terror attack on 7 April 2017.

The Crown Princess and her husband, Prince Daniel attended the commemorative concert at Kungsträdgården alongside Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, his wife and hundreds of others. The Crown Princess Couple and Prime Minister were seated around the emergency service personnel that helped at the scene.

The concert promoted messages of love and unity one year since the deadly attack on Drottninggatan where ISIS sympathiser Rakhmat Akilov stole a beer truck and ran over pedestrians. Five were killed and fourteen were injured in the attack.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel greet Sweden’s Prime Minister at the concert. Photo: Mattias Prodromou Dahlqvist / Stockholm City

The Prime Minister spoke at the concert telling those assembled, “It has been a year of sorrow and absence, but amidst all of that, I also understand that you carry your bright memories and all of that which created love.

“I hope those of you who are mourning can feel the love, support and solidarity of the entire country. We are here for you. You are not alone.”

Performers included Malena Ernman, Stephen Simmonds, Lars Winnerbäck, Menke and GET UP Soul Choir. SVT broadcast the concert.

Crown Princess Victoria was emotional visiting the site of the deadly attack last year, as well. The media asked her how the country was supposed to move on, and she replied with a strong one-word answer, “Together.”

Photo: Mattias Prodromou Dahlqvist / Stockholm City

Crown Princess Victoria’s parents, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia attended a private memorial service at Adolf Fredrik’s Church earlier in the day with the Prime Minister, emergency services and relatives of those killed and injured. It was also broadcast live on SVT. The service was led by Reverend Annika Millde. Candles, called “the lights of hope”, were lit at the end of the service with police officers, nurses and ambulance staff carrying them out of the service.

The King and Queen pictured with the Archbishop. Photo: Mattias Prodromou Dahlqvist / Stockholm City

Many also laid flowers and cards on Drottninggatan, including a new statue of a lion placed in the square.

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