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Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel thank Swedish troops for their work battling coronavirus

Victoria Daniel coronavirus
Photo: Victor Ericsson / Kungl. Royal Court

The Crown Princess Couple visited the field hospital at the Stockholm Fair in Älvsjö Thursday to see the incredible work being done by the Swedish Armed Forces in their efforts to add more hospital beds to the city.

The troops are working day and night to complete the hospital space, which was requested by the National Board of Health and Welfare, by this upcoming Monday.

During their tour of the exhibition halls, the Crown Princess Couple were accompanied by Colonel Thomas Karlsson, head of the Central Military Region, and Björn Eriksson, Director of Stockholm’s Health and Medical Director. They filled the Crown Princess Couple in about the plans for the hospital, including the modules that are currently being built at the fair and how patients are expected to be cared for in the hospital beginning next week.

According to the Royal Court, the field hospital is planned to be put into operation with staff from the Stockholm region and the Swedish Armed Forces, with the Stockholm-area staff members to be trained by The Defence Medicine Center.

Thursday’s visit follows two other coronavirus-related engagements for the couple on Wednesday when they met with Regional Special Healthcare Management and researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Regional Special Health Management, together with Smittskydd Stockholm coordinates and directs the Swedish health care system in the effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel spoke with infection control doctors, management and staff members to hear how they are working to adapt the health care system to be able to care for those affected by COVID-19 as well as others in need of emergency medical care.

At KTH, the couple met KTH researchers from AlbaNova University Center and SciLifeLab and learned about how the research group “has initiated the development of a method to ensure whether individuals had the disease COVID-19, which provides a decision basis for deciding which people can return to work without passing on the infection.”

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