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Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel attend Memorial Ceremony for Estonia disaster

On a rainy Saturday, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden attended a Memorial Ceremony for the Estonia disaster on its 25th anniversary.

The ceremony was held at the Galärvarv Cemetery on the Djurgården in Stockholm where the Crown Princess Couple laid a wreath at the Estonia Monument that had a blue and yellow ribbon with their joint monogram.

Crown Princess Victoria was seen crying during the ceremony while holding her husband’s hand. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Speaker Andreas Norlén both spoke, as did survivors of the crash: Kent Härstedt and Sara Hedrenius.

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Passenger ferry M / S Estonia crashed in severe weather on 28 September 1994 on its way between Tallinn, Estonia, and Stockholm, Sweden. It sank in the Baltic Sea, and there were 852 people killed – including 551 from Sweden. This was the largest civilian ship disaster since World War Two.

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The Estonia Monument has the names of 815 victims engraved on it; 37 families chose to not have their loved ones’ names placed on the memorial. 138 people were rescued from the crash with one later dying in hospital.

The ship has remained at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, and the memorial also contains an engraving of the coordinates of its location.

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