Crown Princess Family of Sweden’s annual Christmas video released

The Crown Princess Family of Sweden has released their annual Christmas video today. Filmed at the family’s home at Haga Palace, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are seen making homemade Christmas decorations with their two children, Princess Estelle, 6, and Prince Oscar, 2.

A translation of what is said in the video is below:Princess Estelle: Mum said grandma. She knows all the tricks in the world, it feels like. (Mamma sa mormor. Hon kan alla tricks i världen känns det som.)
Prince Daniel: It feels like that, huh? (Det känns så, va?)Crown Princess Victoria: This smells more. It is cinnamon! (Det lucktar mera. Det är kanel!)Estelle talking in the background: I have..(?). (Jag har..(?).)
Prince Oscar: Dad! (Pappa!)
Victoria: Dad, look! (Pappa titta!)
Daniel: Oh, how pretty. (Åh, vad fint.)
Victoria: Me too. Let’s do these too. (Jag också. Vi gör de här också.)
Estelle: Look, now it can be hung! (Titta, den kan hänga nu!)
Victoria: But look, don’t we have a hook we can hang it on? (Nämen titta, har vi ingen krok vi kan hänga upp den på?)
Daniel: La-la-la-la lalala.Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle then sing “Midnatt råder.”Estelle: And now it’s Oscar’s turn to sing. (Och nu får Oscar sjunga.)Oscar starts singing “Tre Pepparkaksgubbar”Victoria: Gingerbread-land… (Pepparkakeland…)Oscar continues singing, and Victoria says, “And hats on slanting. Good! (Och hattarna på sned. Bra!)”

The video ends with the family saying together, “Merry Christmas. And a Happy New Year! (God Jul och Gott Nytt År!).”

“Midnatt råder” is a Swedish children’s Christmas song written in 1898. It is a popular song in schools and often sung with St Lucia celebrations.

Three photos were also released alongside the video, taken by Tiina Björkbacka.

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