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Crown Princess Couple of Sweden visits Electrolux

Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited a familiar household name on Wednesday, honouring the 100th anniversary of appliance brand Electrolux.

During their visit, the Crown Princess Couple got a tour of the company’s Stockholm headquarters and learned more about Electrolux’s history, including viewing some vintage products.

Marketing Director Lars Hygrell spoke with the couple about the technological development of ovens and stoves and they viewed an exhibition of Electrolux’s historical appliances, including the brand’s first dishwasher from 1959 and the stove “Datalux” from 1978. 

In addition to getting a look at old products, they viewed some of the company’s innovations and got to know more about their business plans for the future. Like many brands, Electrolux is putting its focus on sustainability in today’s market and representatives spoke with the Crown Princess Couple about how they are making it easier for consumers to act sustainably in everyday life.

Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. 
Royal Court

Recycling is always a hot topic and the company, which sells more than 60 million products annually, told the royal couple that they used 20 times more recycled plastic in their products last year than they had seven years before.

In addition, Electrolux have rolled out four new sustainability goals in conjunction with the brand’s 100th anniversary this year. These are in line with the UN’s global sustainability goals, a project which Crown Princess Victoria worked on between 2016 and 2018. She served as one of 17 ambassadors in the Sustainable Development Goals Advocacy Group with the task to promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – Agenda 2030 – in various ways.

Electrolux has made their commitment to change by 2030, and the company will aim to make sustainable eating a first choice, get clothes to last twice as long with half as much environmental impact, keep your homes free of harmful allergens and contaminants, and make Electrolux operations circular and climate neutral.

“To minimise the use of energy and water in homes, efficient appliances can play a key role,” Electrolux says on their website. “As a leading global appliance company, we have the opportunity to provide efficient and affordable solutions for the growing middle class around the world.”

Electrolux was founded in 1919 when Elektromekaniska AB merged with AB Lux. Today, the company employs more than 55,000 people around the world and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of appliances with sales of SEK 124 billion.

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