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Back to school with Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine of Sweden began preschool in 1985 at Västerled Parish Preschool and started her primary school education four years later in 1989 at Smedslättsskolan in Bromma.

She was said to get along well with her fellow students and was more outgoing than her older brother, Prince Carl Philip. The young Princess arrived with her parents and met her teacher outside the building. As the youngest child of the King, the media was assembled at the school to get a glimpse of Madeleine on her first day of school.

For her intermediate level education, she began studying at Carlssons School in Stockholm. In 1998, Her Royal Highness entered Enskilda Gymnasiet for her senior education in a social science programme.

Princess Madeleine, the year before she began preschool, at Drottningholm Palace with her parents and siblings. Photo: Håkan Lind, The Royal Court, Sweden

By 2001, Princess Madeleine had completed her secondary education and moved to London to study English with her close friend from childhood. The next year she began studying law. Spring 2003 brought Madeleine back to Stockholm where she began her education at the University of Stockholm.

By January 2006, Princess Madeleine had completed her university requirements and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in art history, ethnology, and modern history on 23 January. The Princess wrote her final thesis in art history on Queen Victoria (wife of King Gustaf V of Sweden) and the history of Solliden Palace.

She returned to the University of Stockholm in late 2006 for postgraduate studies regarding organisation and leadership. This was to benefit and further her education in international humanitarian work. Also that year, Madeleine completed a six-month internship with UNICEF in New York City. The Swedish Royal Court stated that she “focused on areas of work that included children in institutional care, children in areas of conflict and vulnerability, and sexually exploited children” during this internship.

Besides her native Swedish, Her Royal Highness speaks fluent English and German. She can speak French on an intermediate level.

Madeleine has explained that she knew how to read before school began because Victoria had taught her at home. It would later be discovered that she suffered from dyslexia like her father and siblings.

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