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Special stamps issued for Queen Margrethe’s 80th birthday


When Queen Margrethe celebrates her 80th birthday later this spring, it will be commemorated with a series of special stamps issued by PostNord.

The sheet will include five stamps featuring important moments from Queen Margrethe’s life, per PostNord Denmark.

“We have seen Her Majesty The Queen on the stamp ever since, as a one-year-old princess, she sat on the arm of her mother,” said Martin Pingel, Head of Stamps at PostNord Denmark, in a press release announcing the news.

“Now the regent is approaching 80 years, and of course the big birthday must be celebrated with new stamps as well. And these are some very special ones, where the Queen has been responsible for the selection of motifs.”

Among the stamps Queen Margrethe has chosen for her sheet include a large portrait that was taken of the monarch at Marselisborg Castle last summer and four smaller smalls that highlight key events from her life between 1953 and 1973.

“During that period, the throne law changes, the Queen gets married to Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik comes to the world and gets baptised. Furthermore, Her Majesty the Queen takes on her first outgoing state visit,” per the press release.

The stamps show Queen Margrethe—then Princess Margrethe—with her father and two younger sisters; a wedding portrait from 1967; a christening photo from Crown Prince Frederik’s christening in 1968; and a portrait of the Queen on a state visit.

“Stamps are still, in a time of massive digital communication, important landmarks for our country and our culture,” said Pingel.

“They reflect the history we have with us as a nation and that all the Danes gather. Here the King’s House and our Queen are a significant gathering point. Therefore, it is also natural to mark The Queen’s 80th birthday on a stamp.”

PostNord also issued a series of stamps highlighting Queen Margrethe’s 70th birthday in 2010, with the large portrait stamp consisting of Her Majesty surrounded by her immediate family on the balcony at Christian IX’s Mansion and four mini stamps.

Queen Margrethe is the most-featured monarch on Danish stamps and has appeared on 158 stamps throughout her life. PostNord says that these stamps have derived from 26 separate portraits, paintings, or drawings.

Queen Margrethe’s 80th birthday stamps can be purchased for 70 kroner. Her Majesty celebrates her birthday on 16 April.

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