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King Juan Carlos says he ”must now think” of his own funeral


King Juan Carlos of Spain has told a biographer that the time has come when he has to start thinking about his funeral.

Speaking to author Laurence Debray from self imposed exile in Abu Dhabi, Juan Carlos confessed his mind had turned to his own final farewell as he watched the burial service for Prince Philip in April 2021. He told the writer that his own father’s funeral had been done very well, adding ”now I must think of my own.”

Laurence Debray adds that the former monarch appears in good health and death is in no way imminent. But she said that Juan Carlos, now 83, had been very moved by the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral and had begun to think of his own as a result.

The revelation comes in her new book ”My fallen king” which was published in France on October 6th 2021. Spanish media has covered its contents widely as the comments from Juan Carlos in the book come from a face to face interview with the king, given earlier this year in Abu Dhabi.

The health of the man who ruled Spain for 38 years is examined in the book which has been described by several reviewers as hagiographic and reverential to Juan Carlos. Debray, a long known admirer of the king, reveals that he has lost around 12 kilos and that his clothes are casual and loose on him. His day to day routine, including indoor exercises in the morning followed by avid reading of Spanish newspapers, is also described.

There is also a focus on his links to Spain. As well as reading newspapers, Juan Carlos watches a lot of Spanish news and is said to retain a deep interest in the country and its people. He often takes part online in the Mass said at the Zarzuela Palace chapel and uses social media, including WhatsApp, to stay in touch with family and friends.

‘My fallen king’ will be published in Spain in 2022 with speculation that new revelations could follow then.

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