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Serbia’s Crown Prince Couple make large scale donations to the Serbian health service

Photo: Oskar Aanmoen/Royal Central

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Kathrine of Serbia have not taken much of a summer vacation this year. The pandemic in Serbia continues and, throughout July, the Serbian royals have historically donated a great deal to the Serbian health service.

This July, Crown Princess Katherine has led and organized a large-scale effort to assist the Serbian health service. Among the donations Her Royal Highness has made this month are urgently needed electric beds, mattresses and medical equipment which has gone tot 17 hospitals throughout Serbia. It is worth more than 500.000 euros. The General Hospital in Loznica received 12 Stryker electric beds for the intensive care unit with mattresses and transformers to the value of more than 57.000 euros.

Electric beds for the intensive care. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

Crown Princess Kathrine has in July stated: “My husband and I thank very much Dr. Douglas Jackson, C.E.O. of Project C.U.R.E which has been helping the Princess Katherine Foundation in Serbia for several years. It is very important, especially at this time considering what heroic doctors, nurses and medical staff have gone through due to the coronavirus risking their lives to help people and to save lives”.

Also in last week Her Royal Highness organized an urgent delivery of 200 sets of bed linen, 50 medical uniforms, 100 hand towels and 75 Plastic Disposable Medical Sharps Containers, for needles and medical waste, to the Institute for Occupational Health in the COVID Hospital system for treatment of patients with are positive with coronavirus.

HRH Crown Princess Kahtrine of Serbia. Royal Palace Belgrade.

Last week Her Royal Highness issued the following statement: “Doctors and nurses risk their lives to save ours, so we have to help them now when they ask for support. They are our heroes. We are very thankful to our people who live in Chicago, who didn’t forget us during these difficult times and who sent help to our country and our hospitals”.

The first case of Covid-19 in Serbia was reported on 6 March 2020. As of 22 July 2020, a total of 580,271 individuals had been tested, of which there had been 22,031 confirmed cases, 499 deaths, and 4619 hospitalised cases. On 7 July 2020, a series of protests and riots began In Serbia over the government announcement of the reimplementation of the curfew as well as the way the government had handled the COVID-19 situation.

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