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Crown Prince Couple of Serbia in Canada to fight breast cancer

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia attended a charity event in Toronto, Canada, on Saturday. Their Royal Highnesses attended the annual charity event of the Lifeline charity organisation.

The charity event was a lunch named “Step to the beat and help us defeat breast cancer” at the Granite Club in Toronto. The dinner had a goal to collect money to buy a specialised ultrasound machine for early detection and prevention of breast cancer in Serbia.

The Crown Princess speaks to the assembly during the lunch. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

The Crown Prince speaks to the assembly during the lunch. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

“Every day, four women die in Serbia due to  breast cancer, and it is mostly because of the lack of the equipment. It is too much for the small country like Serbia. I will never be peaceful with that in mind”, said Her Royal Highness in a speech during the event.

“Me, my Foundation, and all the Lifeline organisations fought this, and we will fight it till we win! We will fight for the life of every women in Serbia. All of you gathered here today, you know the difference between words and acts. It is on us to make the difference, to change the number. Our goal is zero lost lives due to the breast cancer in Serbia. Thank you for helping Serbia in this important mission“, continued Crown Princess Katherine.

The Crown Prince Couple of Serbia. Photo: Royal Palace Belgrade.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia. Royal Palace Belgrade.

Crown Princess Katherine has constantly been helping and providing necessary medical equipment to the Clinics at the Clinical Center of Serbia for more than two decades. Last year, the Serbian Crown Prince Couple held a series of charity events throughout Canada.  So, for her dedication to charitable work, the Crown Princess received the Pope Francis Award for Charity and Leadership.

The Crown Princess has always done charitable work. During her interview with Royal Central last summer, the Crown Princess said: “I had parents that taught me the joy of giving, not the joy of taking. And they didn’t just tell me; they lived their life by giving. They prepared me for my role without knowing what my future would be. I was very young, and when you learn the joy of giving when you are young, you never forget it. I prayed to God for an opportunity to give of myself since that is happiness, and God gave me Alexander and a whole country. So when you pray, you have to make sure that is what you want.”

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