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Romania may hold a referendum on the return of Monarchy

<![CDATA[Romania's Prime Minister Victor Ponta has pledged to hold a referendum on the country's form of government, should he be elected President.
Ponta is running for the position of President, an apolitical role within the government, like that of Germany.
The PM has said on TV recently: ‘I believe, in the coming years, that in Romania we should have not only a public debate, but we should also make a decision, through a referendum, on the form of government.’
Monarchy has seen an upsurge in popularity in the country, whose Royal Family, The House of Romania, hasn’t ruled the country since 1947. King Michael, the current King without a throne, is a descendent of Queen Victoria, and a third cousin of our Queen, Elizabeth II. He was only allowed back into the country of his birth in 1997.
Michael, now 93, is also descendent of the now defunct house of Hohenzollern (his House’s former name was Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen), the German family who ruled Prussia until the mid-19th century. He said he would return to the throne if his people wanted him to, and it seems they might.
A republic still seems to be the favoured form of governance in the country, but a poll earlier this year showed 45% of Romanian’s have a ‘very good’ opinion of King Michael. A similar poll in 2013 showed that 30% of people would vote for the return of a monarchical government, showing steady growth in support of Monarchy.
‘We should have such a referendum on the government form sometime during my mandate, maybe even by 2016,’ Ponta added. He even said he would resign should Romanians vote in favour of Monarchy.
We at Royal Central are of course delighted to hear this news, with the prospect of another Monarchy within Europe, to further showcase the advantages and benefits of Monarchical government. This would certainly put a sour taste in the mouths of British Republicans, who would have trouble explaining why people wished to revert to Monarchical government, with all their accusations and false claims about Monarchy.
We will keep you updated, should there be any developments!
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