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Queen Máxima to attend launch of National AI Junior course


Queen Máxima will attend the launch of the National AI Junior course in Toldijk, which will be the first artificial intelligence course taught to young students in the Netherlands, next month.

The National AI Junior course was developed by the National AI Course, FutureNL and UpgradeNL to teach young people the principles of artificial intelligence.

The three organisations hope to “make children enthusiastic about technology and to improve their technological skills” by offering this course, per the official press release.

“In this way, they can function optimally in a world in which technology plays an increasingly important role.”

Queen Máxima will help launch the program on 4 September during a visit to De Rank primary school in Toldijk, where she will meet with Year 7 and Year 8 students to talk about artificial intelligence and its usefulness.

Following her visit to De Rank primary school, Queen Máxima will visit the West Achterhoek Library in Doetinchem, where she will learn about the importance of teaching AI and how to appeal to diverse audiences to ensure it is widely spread.

UpgradeNL was formed to help bring the Netherlands into the future and is comprised of “a coalition of companies, knowledge institutions, existing platforms, media partners and governments” to educate and create awareness of technical upgrades available. The first phase of the three-year program is focused on creating educational opportunities and hosting events to spread awareness.

FutureNL is a Dutch foundation that believes “all Dutch pupils must now develop digital skills through natural interaction with technology in order to be able to function optimally in a digital world later on” and contributes to technology in Dutch education.

After Queen Máxima helps launch the National AI Junior course, all libraries in the Netherlands will offer the courses, as well as courses for adults who are interested in learning more.

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