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Queen Máxima is serenaded by schoolchildren during musical visit to Drenthe

Queen Máxima was serenaded by schoolchildren in Drenthe on Thursday, where she attended the signing of the Drenthe Music Agreement.

As part of Méér Muziek in de Klas (English: More Music in the Classroom), the Drenthe Music Agreement will ensure that there will be better musical education in all primary schools in Drenthe.

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In a blog post for the Méér Muziek in de Klas website, Queen Máxima writes, “Drenthe is the fourth province where schools, governments, cultural organisations and teacher training colleges agree that all primary students will receive music lessons at school.”

Limburg, Friesland Zeeland, and the city of Groningen have already signed music agreements.

At the signing, which took place at the De Tamboer Theatre, Queen Máxima was serenaded by 500 schoolchildren performing “Doe Je Mee” (“Do You Join”) by Martijje, a singer from Drenthe.

“Five hundred singing children made theatre De Tamboer echo in all corners, together with students from teacher training colleges and conservatories. Young Drenthe musical talents such as Daisy and Robin gave a fantastic performance,” writes Queen Máxima.

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“And the specially composed song ‘Doe Je Mee’ by Martijje was sung by everyone with full enthusiasm.”

Queen Máxima is the honorary chairman of Méér Muziek in de Klas which was formed in 2014 after the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science commissioned a study into musical education for schoolchildren in the Netherlands.

As a result of the study, Méér Muziek in de Klas was established to carry out three major goals: create awareness of musical education; promote the expertise and teaching methods of music teachers; and create regional roots and cultural partnerships in the music industry and classroom.

“What brings about music is so beautiful. Listening to music is nice, but the value of music goes much further. Making music together connects children. It helps them with their development and brings fun to the class,” Queen Máxima continues.

“That is why I am so happy that music education has a permanent place in schools in more and more regions.”

Following the signing of the Drenthe Music Agreement, Queen Máxima paid a visit to the Stichting Instrumentendepot Leerorkest, a mobile workshop that lends musical instruments to educational programmes that need support.

“I hope that even more regions in the Netherlands will become enthusiastic and, just like in Drenthe, will get started with the conclusion of a Music Agreement. Together we get it done: music in the classroom for all primary school students!”

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