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Queen Margrethe’s poised jewel pick for state visit to Germany

Varde Kommune via Flickr CC

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark is currently in Germany on a state visit; her son, Crown Prince Frederik, is accompanying her.

On Wednesday, 10 November, they attended a state dinner at Bellvue Palace in Berlin. The Danish Royal Family has one of the most impressive jewellery vaults in Europe, and The Queen did not disappoint. Margrethe chose to wear pearls with a floor-length, green lace gown to the banquet. 

Queen Margrethe wore the Danish Pearl Poiré Tiara for the banquet. The tiara is set with diamonds and features 18 pearls. Crown Princess Ingrid wore the tiara to the 1937 coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and Princess Margretha wore it in 1953 for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. 

King Freidrich Wilhelm III of Prussia gave the tiara to his daughter, Princess Louise of the Netherlands, for her 1825 marriage to Prince Frederik of the Netherlands. She passed it on to her daughter, Queen Louise of Sweden and Norway, who then, in turn, passed it on to Queen Louise of Denmark. In 1925, Queen Louise left the pearl tiara to the Danish Royal Property Trust, meaning it now belongs to the reigning monarch and cannot be sold.

The Queen also wore the matching earrings and necklace to the banquet. Louise of Denmark was responsible for adding to the set, wearing different diamond and pearl pieces with it. Louise had received a necklace for her wedding from the Khedive of Egypt; two pendants from this wedding gift were made into earrings, the pair Margrethe wore along with the gifted necklace. 

A diamond brooch with five pearl drops was created along with the tiara. Queen Margrethe also wore that brooch; she appeared to be wearing all five pearls when she arrived at the banquet, but when seated for the receiving line, it seems to be the four-pearl setting. 

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