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European Royals

Pearls in June for Queen Margrethe as glittering dinner sets sparkle on official visit from King and Queen of Norway

The first day of King Harald and Queen Sonja’s official visit to Denmark was brought to an end by a gala dinner at Amalienborg Palace, in the centre of Copenhagen. 

The Norwegian King and Queen were the guests of Queen Margrethe II, who was accompanied by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. Also present were members of both Governments, as well as prominent members of society from both countries. 

Queen Margrethe was the perfect host, dressed in a red and white gown, topped by one of the Danish vault’s most important diadems, the so-called Pearl Poire Tiara, as well as the sash of Norway’s order of St Olav. 

Queen Sonja, for her part, opted for a green ensemble that complemented well the light blue of Denmark’s Order of the Elephant sash. She also wore Norway’s emerald tiara and the accompanying parure’s necklace and earrings. 

For her part, Crown Princess Mary selected a blush pink gown, and topped it with her most recent tiara acquisition, whose rubies acted as a perfect complement for the red sash of her Norwegian order. She also wore the earrings that were part of the lot when she purchased the piece at auction. 

The table was elegantly set, as is always the case with this kind of occasions in Denmark, and the Palace reported that Queen Margrethe selected the flower decorations herself, opting for a colorful and summery mix of pink and white peonies, salmon garden roses, pink hydrangeas, yellow lion’s foot, purple lathers and blue knight’s spurs. 

During the dinner, Queen Margrethe gave a speech, in which she highlighted the common challenges and goals of the two countries, as well as the foundational principles that the two countries share. 

She then emphasised the close relationship that she shares with the Royal couple: “Your Majesties, it’s probably no secret that I have very special feelings for Norway. Ever since I was very young, I have spent winter holidays in Norway, and thanks to you, dear Harald and Sonja, I have gotten to know many parts of Norway. Therefore, it is a special pleasure to have you on an official visit, and to be able to show you just a little of the hospitality that you have shown me so many times, also in private”.

This gala dinner brought to an end a day full of engagements, which saw Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary act as chaperones of the King and Queen of Norway. Queen Margrethe is still recovering from the extensive back surgery she underwent earlier this year, and has limited mobility, which is why she was seen moving around with the help of a cane. 

King Harald has also had some health issues in recent years, with the last hospital stay being just three weeks ago for an infection. But he also has had knee issues for a long time, which is why he was walking with two crutches. 

This is also the probable cause for the tumble he took upon arriving in Denmark; as he was climbing the stairs to greet Queen Margrethe, he fell. Thankfully, he recovered quickly and with no further issues, and even joked that “I come in deep admiration for you!”, to which Queen Margrethe replied: “Don’t expect the same from me!”. 

King Harald and Queen Sonja are traveling aboard the Royal Yacht Norge. For the second day of the visit, they are sailing to Aarhus, where they will be joined by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, who, for their part, will make the journey aboard the Danish Royal Yacht, Dannebrog.