Queen Sonja of Norway assists girls after boating accident

This past Monday evening, at her family’s long-time summer holiday home on the island of Tjøme, Norway’s Queen Sonja welcomed a few unexpected visitors to the royal compound. T

Queen Sonja has had a summer home on  island of Tjøme for years and loves to spend most of July on the island.

Queen Sonja has had a summer home on the island of Tjøme for years and loves to spend most of July there..

This past Monday evening, Norway’s Queen Sonja welcomed a few unexpected guests to the royal compound located at Mågerø off the northeast coast of the island of Tjøme. The Norwegian Royal Family has had a vacation home there for several years where they spend their summer holidays. Two teenagers, Randi Auran Neset from Skien and Markus Solberg Martinsen from Tønsberg, were enjoying their relaxing boat ride when they became aware of a boating accident nearby.

A passenger had gone overboard, hitting her leg on the vessel’s propeller. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, and being More than willing to help, they rushed to her aid. One of the teens surmised that it would be best if they docked at the royal pier that was only a short distance away. They didn’t want to risk taking her anywhere else off the water because it would take medical personnel longer to reach them if they docked elsewhere. The open wound on the young woman’s leg needed immediate medical attention, and her rescuers figured the police at the compound would assist them by quickly bringing an ambulance there to transport her to hospital.

When reaching the royal pier, the group received the help they needed, along with some unintended aid from Queen Sonja herself. She hurried to her residence, retrieving clean clothing and refreshments for her guests. The injured young woman was taken to hospital without incident, where her condition remains unknown.

A spokesman of the Queen’s refused to comment, merely stating that she had received some unusual visitors earlier this week. He did confirm that the police had assisted an injured woman who’d arrived at the royal pier, getting her safely to hospital. The two teenagers, however, told reporters that they spoke with the queen for nearly an hour, chatting about the accident and everyday things. She appeared interested in what had happened, asking for their names and where they lived. The two young people were very shocked after all was said and done. They really couldn’t believe they’d spoken with their queen. She was very friendly and kind, showing great concern for the young woman and them.

Photo credit: Fornyingsdepartementet via Flickr