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The Netherlands

Queen Máxima opens Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Queen Maxima
World Economic Forum via Flickr

Queen Máxima officially opened Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the Netherlands on Thursday during a visit to the Breast Cancer Association Netherlands in The Hague.

During her visit, Queen Máxima met with some of the 230 volunteers who help out with BCAN to hear about how they’re involved with the organisation.

Her Majesty also received a copy of the book Everything About Breast Cancer, which was written by breast cancer surgeons, among others. The Royal House noted that breast cancer surgeons Marie-Jeanne Vrancken Peeters and Hester Oldenburg of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoe, a specialised cancer hospital in Amsterdam, were amongst the contributors.

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⁣Koningin Máxima opent de borstkankermaand tijdens een bijeenkomst ter gelegenheid van het 40-jarig bestaan van de Borstkankervereniging Nederland in het World Forum The Hague. Tijdens borstkankermaand wordt ieder jaar in oktober wereldwijd aandacht gevraagd voor borstkanker.⠀ ⠀ Koningin Máxima opent de borstkankermaand door het boek ‘Alles over borstkanker’ in ontvangst te nemen. Aansluitend wordt gesproken over de late gevolgen van borstkanker, over vroege opsporing en over erfelijke/familiaire aanleg met mensen die hier zelf ervaring mee hebben. Ook spreekt Koningin Máxima met enkele van de 230 vrijwilligers over hun inzet en betrokkenheid.⠀ ⠀ Tijdens de opening worden de algemeen geldende richtlijnen voor bijeenkomsten in acht genomen.⠀ ⠀ #borstkankermaand #borstkanker #borstkankerzorg #borstkankervereniging #borstkankerverenigingnederland #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #breastcancerawarenessmonth #worldforumthehague #denhaag @borstkankernederland 📸Borstkankervereniging Nederland – Dennis Dekker

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“It says a lot that the Queen, despite the stricter measures, still wanted to reflect on our association and the breast cancer month,” said BCAN’s Director, Christina Guerrero Paez, in a statement on the Association’s official website.

The theme of 2020’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month is ‘You Don’t Have Breast Cancer Alone.’

“It is very special that we were able to share the story about breast cancer and hereditary/familial predisposition with her. It appears that we have been doing a very good job for 40 years. She has expressed her hope and expectation that we can continue our work in the coming years.”

Queen Máxima also heard from BCAN’s Chairman Engelien Calis, who spoke about the history of the organisation and their work for the future. The Association has five main focuses for the years ahead: “access to the best aftercare, customised treatment, conscious choices, own care path for people with metastatic breast cancer, and hereditary/familial predisposition.”

According to the Royal House, “Breast Cancer Association Netherlands has been committed to the interests of all people with breast cancer, hereditary predisposition to it and their loved ones since 1980. The association strives for appropriate treatment, care and support. During breast cancer month, BVN draws attention to breast cancer and hereditary/familial predisposition and organizes (online) meetings for fellow sufferers.”

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