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The Netherlands

Princess Alexia of the Netherlands turns 18

Princess Alexia of the Netherlands turns 18 today.

Her mother, Queen Maxima, revealed how they would celebrate Alexia’s big day during a recent state visit to Belgium to Blauw Bloed.

“Hopefully, with some godparents and her grandmother, of course. And with all the children together, so that’s already a party. And with friends. It’s on a Monday, so it doesn’t fall very well, but we’ll think about it,” she said.

The Princess, who is second in line to the throne, is now able to undertake royal duties if she so chooses.

© RVD – Frank Ruiter

She recently graduated from the United World College of the Atlantic in Wales alongside Spain’s Princess Leonor. Exam results will be available next month.

It is unknown if she will take a gap year like her elder sister or immediately begin university in the autumn.

Princess Alexia will have more freedom than her older sister, Princess Amalia, the Princess of Orange, as Amalia will one day be Queen of the Netherlands. Alexia, as the spare, has a slim chance of having to take on those responsibilities, which gives her more freedom in choosing her life’s path.

In 2021, she said: “I like the fact that I can do something with my own interests later on.”

© RVD – Frank Ruiter

Alexia will not receive any money from the government now that she is 18 as that is limited to the former monarch, current monarch, consort and heir to the throne and their spouse.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima have been keen for their three daughters to grow up as privately as possible and to have as normal lives as they can. During their childhoods, two photoshoots with the press were organised each year in exchange for the media leaving the girls alone during their school years.

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