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The Netherlands

King Willem-Alexander pays tribute to founders of UN

King Willem-Alexander

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands has paid tribute to the founders of the United Nations in a speech he delivered yesterday for the organisation’s 75th anniversary. His Majesty spoke alongside Dutch UN Youth Delegate, Hajar Yagkoubi, who spoke of what young people hope for the world.

King Willem-Alexander stressed that he was not just addressing the statement but also delegates who represent workers, businesses, women’s organisations and social and cultural groups.

The King reflected back on the founding of the United Nations in 1945 in San Fransisco saying: “They came together after half a decade of war and human suffering. The differences between them were great. But they were all driven by an unshakeable resolve to build back a better world.

“Their ambition became reality as more and more countries joined the UN. Both my generation and the next are grateful for the opportunities this has given us.”

He also touched on how the UN may not have been able to end violence, injustice and poverty but it has helped to reduce it thanks to things like the International Criminal Court. He stressed that “the United Nations deserves a prominent place among the greatest forces for good.”

The King also spoke about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and how it is impacting young people. He used this to introduce the UN Youth Delegate who then spoke about the world young people want to live in.

“We want to live in a world that provides everyone an equal chance to develop their potential regardless of who they are. We want to live in a world with fundamental human rights. Not as lofty aims and fine words on paper but as a certainty, you can always rely on. We want to live in a world that protects both people and planet. A world where we finally put the brakes on the climate crisis, loss of biodiversity, and global warming,” Yagkoubi said, in part.

She concluded by asking the world to be brave with the youth of the world.

King Willem-Alexander then continued his remarks by expressing his wish that the world continue to summon the spirit of the UN and its founders.

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