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The Netherlands

King Willem Alexander gives an update on Princess Beatrix’s health

© RVD - Jeroen van der Meyde

Earlier in December, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands was diagnosed with Covid-19. King Willem-Alexander has now given an update on his mother’s health. Despite her coronavirus infection, Princess Beatrix is doing well.

King Willem Alexander said: “Fortunately, nothing is wrong at all. Only she had a bit of a cold, she thought it was the air conditioning in the tropics. She is in very good spirits for the rest, so it is all fantastic. On behalf of her, I thank everyone very much for the compassion and good wishes, but she is doing great”.

On December 4th 2021, it was announced that the princess had tested positive for coronavirus after her return from Curacao and that she had gone into quarantine. On November 29th, Her Royal Highness had returned from a visit to Curacao. She previously announced that she has had two coronvirusa vaccinations and a third booster vaccine. During the visit to Curaçao, Princess Beatrix paid particular attention to the consequences of the pandemic and nature conservation on the island.

A great deal of concern has been expressed that the 83-year-old princess has tested positive for coronavirus. Her son’s comments have offered some relief as it appears she is now on the road to recovery.

Beatrix was Queen of the Netherlands from the abdication of her mother, Juliana, on 30 April 1980, until her own abdication on 30 April 2013. She was succeeded by her eldest son, Willem-Alexander.

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