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Ivanka Trump on Queen Máxima: I have learned so much from her

United States First Daughter, Ivanka Trump, spoke about Queen Máxima of the Netherlands on Tuesday evening regarding how much she has learned from the Argentinian-born Queen of the Netherlands.

Trump and Her Majesty met for the third time in New York’s Four Seasons Hotel where they were both invited to take part in a panel discussion on female entrepreneurs in the context of the World Bank initiated ‘Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative.’ The initiative has been set up to help ensure female entrepreneurs are given equal chances with their male counterparts (i.e. loans and financial services).

On the Queen, Ivanka, who serves as an advisor to her father, US President Donald Trump, remarked, “I have learned so much from Her Majesty, and I hope to learn a lot more.”

The First Daughter was not the only one singing Queen Máxima’s praises. The leader of the panel discussion, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, stated, “She has a lot of expertise, and I have to take an extra day to prepare myself. She often knows more than me. We are very grateful to her for what she does.”

During her remarks last evening, Her Majesty stressed the importance of good data saying, “How can governments make plans for better access to financial services for women if they do not know the underlying figures? I am calling for figures that have been broken down for men and women. That also applies to banks and the private sector.”

Queen Máxima is in New York for a series of meetings as part of her role as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development. The Queen was named Special Advocate in 2009 by then UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. She will be in New York through today.

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