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The Netherlands

Budget for Royal House of the Netherlands to increase next year

Next year the Royal House of the Netherlands will receive more resources to cover their expenses. The government has approved the rise of funds for the Royal House and made the decision public.

While most of the royal families are confronted with a declining budget to cover their activities, the costs of employees etc., the Royal House of the Netherlands will see their budget increase with around 900.000 euros. In 2017, the Royal House can spend 41.4 million euros to make sure the King and Queen can carry out their work in a decent way. In 2018 the budget will increase to 42.3 million euros. The budget is used for material expenses such as the costs of the cars, carriages, the heating and lighting of the palaces, etc. The budget also includes the personal expenses of the King, the actual “wage” of King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and Princess Beatrix and also the expenditure of the RVD and Military House in connection to the Royal Family.

The factual income or “wage” of the King will not increase in comparison to this year. The King will receive 902.000 euros as compensation for his official engagements in 2018 which is the same amount as this year. Queen Máxima will, just like this year, receive 358.000 euros, and Princess Beatrix will keep her annual income of 510.000 euros. From the moment Princess Catharina-Amalia turns 18-year-old, she will receive an allowance, as well. There has been some discussion about the amount, but eventually, it is decided that the Princess will receive 250.000 euros allowance and 1.2 million euros for personal and other expenses.

The rise in the overall budget is mostly due to the adjustment of the budget to the price index and the salary development from the government officials. Also, the RVD, who is responsible for the communication of the Royal House, will be able to use more resources. The budget for the maintenance of the palaces, various cars, carriages, horses, etc. will also rise substantially next year in comparison to 2017.

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