Tessy features on Sky TV’s Power of Women

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Tessy Antony de Nassau featured on Sky Tv’s Power of Women this week alongside Sky News Foreign Correspondent, Alex Crawford OBE.

Without giving too much away, the episode features Alex and Tessy sitting down for a chat to discuss their life decisions and past.

Tessy revealed tidbits from her six-year stint in the military and how she nicknamed her gun “Susie”. She explained that in the military, a person’s gun becomes their friend, so she chose to call her’s Susie. Tessy explained that, for the first time, she and Susie went out on a field trip and accidentally shot her brother with blind ammunition.

For her part, Alex spoke about her travels as a foreign correspondent including her meeting with the Taliban in Afghanistan. She went off on her own, explained she had to wear a burqa to disguise that she wasn’t Afghan, and explained her Afghan friend had to tell her how to walk as she didn’t walk subservient enough to pass as an Afghan woman.

Alex told Tessy that she has broken “every barrier there is” with being a princess, woman academically, and her charity work (referencing her NGO Professors Without Borders, UNAIDS, etc.).

About the episode, Tessy said, “Such a great time with my darling super woman [Alex Crawford].”

It was recorded a year and a half ago, so some things have changed since its recording, but it still shares funny excerpts and serious discussions about equal pay and equality.

Sky describes the Power of Women series as “Some of the world’s most philanthropic, powerful, extraordinary women are paired together to discuss their reactions and decisions they choose when faced with discrimination and head-on challenges to make their voices heard and their influence felt.”

Watch the full episode to hear all of their discussions and shared stories. You can watch the episode here.

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