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Princess Tessy receives Swiss honour for humanitarian work in education

Photo: Princess Tessy

Earlier this week, Princess Tessy of Luxembourg has been honoured with the Cross of Merit from the International Pestalozzi Gesellschaft (International Pestalozzi Society in English) in Switzerland in recognition of her dedicated humanitarian work in the field of education provision for disadvantaged children across the globe.

On social media Monday, Tessy said she was “very humbled” to receive this award, her first from Switzerland, where she was “awarded the Cross of Merit from the International Pestalozzi Gesellschaft in Switzerland to recognize my support for humanitarian work in the area of educational provision for disadvantaged children worldwide.”

Photo: Princess Tessy

Tessy is a passionate campaigner and advocate for education and co-founded the NGO Professors Without Borders which travels to countries in Africa and Asia with the aim to “bridge the educational divide between countries, as well as between students and their teachers.” Summer schools are held in countries like Thailand, Senegal, India, Sierre Leon, and Uganda. The organisation was in Thailand at the beginning of this month and are currently operating in Senegal where the short summer schools are taking place.

This is not her first honour this year for her educational work. Tessy received an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the Paris College of Art in recognition of her hard work in the charitable sector and promotion of education worldwide in May of this year in Paris.

The International Pestalozzi Gesellschaft (International Pestalozzi Society) is a Swiss NGO created in 2016; it works to provide education to the underprivileged across the globe. They honour “outstanding Members of the Civil Society which support educational efforts worldwide with a Cross of Merit of the Organisation,” according to their website.

Princess Tessy also recently launched her new website where she unveiled new projects including a podcast “Meeting New Friends Through Tessy’s Lens” and clothing brand called “Human Highness.”

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