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Princess Tessy pays visit to Nigeria for Investing in Women

Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg, recently visited Lagos, Nigeria, to take part in the Investing in Women Gala alongside its founder and live media specialist, Anita Kouassigan.

Fittingly, Investing in Women was the first time Tessy’s company “Finding Butterflies”, which launched at the beginning of this year, was officially featured at an event.

Day one began with a private reception hosted by Anita Kouassigan and her mother – owners of the Guardian Nigeria. There she met who she called “game changers in the domains of women entrepreneurs, women doctors, women lawyers, women diplomats.”

The business logo on display. Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

The royal called the gala on the second night “amazing” and spoke on stage at the event where she was able to talk to fellow women advocates for change.

Tessy saw her participation at the event as an opportunity to learn as an advocate for women’s rights. She also wanted to see what she can do for the region and bring awareness to the many women’s initiatives Nigeria has, but many don’t know about.

She was invited to the event by Anita Kouassigan who put the event together with hard work and her strong vision in just six months against the odds, with no funding or investors. Within five minutes of speaking to Kouassigan and hearing her vision, Tessy explained that she was happy to help with the launch and the event – the first of its kind for Nigeria – Investing in Women which first took place in London where Tessy was a keynote speaker.

Ms Kouassigan told Royal Central that Princess Tessy’s willingness to support her and the event showed the royal’s “generous character and support for the Investing in Women brand.”

Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

An initiative of Anita Kouassigan, Guardian Angels (a part of Guardian Nigeria like Guardian Women and Guardian Life) was launched in Nigeria and to celebrate the launch, Tessy was featured on the cover as the guest of honour at the gala event on day two. The launch took place on 29 March at the Federal Palace Hotel.

Guardian Angels described the initiative on their Facebook as something that has been “inspired by individuals who are influencing and contributing to the growth of others.

Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

Nigeria has negative connotations as it is not deemed safe to travel to by many countries including the United Kingdom and the United States which lists it on level three of their travel advisory meaning it is advised to reconsider travel.

Tessy was well-aware of the dangers of travelling to the country, but throughout her stay, she felt very safe. The Nigerian community made sure she was safe and well taken care of during her time there as they were excited to have her visit. She was the first royal to really interact with the Nigerian people on a trip as many do not travel due to security concerns or when they do, they partake in events with government officials.

The Princess said Nigeria was beautiful and that she “felt very welcomed.”

Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

Explaining why she made the trip to Nigeria for the conference, Tessy told Royal Central:

“I travelled to Nigeria because I want every single woman to know that I got her back with as much support I can possibly give her from my side – and this includes also Nigerian women.

I am already looking into other countries which are branded impossible to travel too as there, too, women are living their lives and have also the right to feel the community of a global female alliance.

Of course, to be clear, men are key in this community, and so far I have not been disappointed with the men I have met on my different travels after seeing the work they do, too.

I want my two sons to know and understand that it is important to take action with elegance and grace while being informed and firm.”

Photo: Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

Princess Tessy hopes that her visit to Nigeria will inspire others to travel to the country

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