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Luxembourg’s Grand Ducal Family denies exaggerated reports of their fortune

Photo: Grand Ducal Court / Lola Velasco / all rights reserved

The Cour Grand Ducale has denied the exaggerated reports of the Grand Ducal Family’s fortune that has circulated online.

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Cour Grand Ducal tweeted in French the following translated release, “The figures announced for years in certain publications relating to the fortune of the Grand Ducal Court are pure fantasy. In reality, this fortune amounts to only a tiny percentage of the figures recently circulated.”

This was in response to a Business Insider post the previous week that listed the world’s richest monarchs. The post in question claimed that Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg is worth 3.5 billion euros putting him in sixth place behind some Middle East and Asian monarchs. Their statistics put the Grand Ducal Family as the wealthiest in Europe.

The top five in the list were:

  1. King Rama X of Thailand
  2. Sultan of Brunei
  3. King Salman of Saudi Arabia
  4. Sheikh of Abu Dhabi
  5. Sheikh of Dubai (who is tied with the Grand Duke)

Other European monarchs in the top ten were Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein and Prince Albert II of Monaco, who were listed as worth three billion and one billion, respectively. The article said their statistics came from the most recent net worth information available and noted that the net worths could fluctuate.

In 2018, the same publication listed the top ten richest monarchies in Europe in which Liechtenstein came in first with the claim Prince Hans Adam was worth five billion. Grand Duke Henri was in second place at 4 billion.

Grand Duke Henri is the reigning head of state in Luxembourg since 2000. His heir apparent is his son, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume.

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