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Grandchildren of Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg feature in new images

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s four grandchildren are featured in new images released by the Grand Ducal Court. The five photos were taken by Lola Velasco in the gardens of Château de Berg.

Prince Gabriel (b. 2006), Prince Noah (b. 2007), Princess Amalia (b. 2014), and Prince Liam (b. 2016) each feature in two photos.

From left to right back row: Prince Sébastien, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Grand Duke Henri, Prince Félix, and Prince Louis. Front row: Princess Alexandra and Princess Claire. Photo: Grand Ducal Court / Lola Velasco / all rights reserved

The images of Amalia and Liam were taken at the same time as the family photo the Grand Ducal Court released last week which featured the Grand Duke and Duchess with their children and daughters-in-law.

Princess Amalia with her younger brother, Prince Liam. Photo: Grand Ducal Court / Lola Velasco / all rights reserved

Princess Amalia Gabriela Maria Teresa of Nassau was born in the Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital in Luxembourg City to Prince Félix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg. She is third in the line of succession to the Luxembourgish throne. If her paternal uncle, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his wife, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie do not have children, Amalia will one day be the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

Princess Amalia. Photo: Grand Ducal Court / Lola Velasco / all rights reserved

Prince Liam of Nassau. Photo: Grand Ducal Court / Lola Velasco / all rights reserved

Prince Liam Henri Hartmut of Nassau was born in the Beaulieu General Clinic in Geneva, Switzerland, on 28 November 2016 as Prince Félix and Princess Claire’s second child. He is fourth in the line of succession.

Prince Noah (left) and Prince Gabriel (right). Photo: Grand Ducal Court / Lola Velasco / all rights reserved

Prince Noah and Prince Gabriel. Photo: Grand Ducal Court / Lola Velasco / all rights reserved

As mentioned by Luxarazzi, the two photos of Prince Gabriel and Prince Noah appear to have been taking at a different time than the photos of Princess Amalia and Prince Liam. The pictures of Gabriel and Noah are believed to have been taken last year as they match the photo released with their father, Prince Louis for his birthday in August 2017.

Prince Gabriel Michael Louis Ronny of Nassau was born on 12 March 2006 in the private Clinic des Grangettes in Geneva. He is the elder child of Prince Louis and Princess Tessy. Prince Noah Etienne Guillaume Gabriel Matthias Xavier of Nassau was born on 21 September 2007 in Luxembourg’s Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital. Neither Prince Gabriel or Prince Noah are in the line of succession as their father gave up his and his children’s succession rights upon his initial morganatic marriage. Prince Louis and Princess Tessy announced their separation last year and are currently in divorce proceedings in the United Kingdom.

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